21 December 2008

First Step West

Did I pack everything I need?
Can't sleep. Woke at 5 A.M. and turned on the Weather Channel to see what the next few days have in store for us. Old man Winter blew in pretty forcefully here last night...
Temps down near single digits and the wind is invading the house wherever it can. Desi the Dachshund is still here visiting with us from Arizona and I think he's in total shock that it's not 70 degrees outside. Both dogs sleep with us, under the covers, and now I need to know... what's normal body temp for a dog? Whatever it is, thank GOD for it! They're better than any hot water bottle.

Within the half hour I'll be out the door with single carry-on in hand. Charts, hand-held radio, toiletries and clothing for three days. I have to be back at work in the BK bright and early Christmas morning, so there's little room for any surprises on this trip. Weather or maintenance glitches? I'll be forced into a rental car and we'll have to formulate a "plan B".

A side note for Tim and others:
There is a line of folks champing at the bit to make this trip home with me. I feel somewhat like Rod Blagojevich... what's my highest bid for this seat? Former student Frank is coming along with me this time. Making the trip will qualify him to make the next one by himself, and it'll be nice having another pilot capable to fly a machine Eastbound if I cannot do it myself.

The Weather Channel says L.A. will be 64 today, so it's a great day to vacate the Midwest. Viet Nam crew chief Warlord 840 cannot meet me this time so I'll be taxiing down the Pacific Coast Highway to Torrance and will have to find my own way to a good Mexican dinner. Yeah, next time Slick!

Wifi available, I'll post updates as possible. And this time I'm gonna try to take bunch of pictures to share, rather than put more mileage on a camera that gets left in its case.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts.
More later.


Anonymous said...


OK, you have a left seat occupant. Feel free to call me for a ride / bed / etc in the PHX area - I'm 1 mile north of stellar airpark.

Merry Xmas and best wishes with the weather!


Epijunky said...

Be safe out there GB.