28 December 2008

Aunt Violette's Peanut Butter Cookies

I love peanut butter cookies. This "Dunlop's disease" you see overhanging my beltline? That's them! Sara Jean can bake up a batch of peanut butter cookies, pour me an ice-cold glass of milk, and I need nothin' else... just go away a while and leave me alone to concentrate on doin' some damage to that pile of cookies.

I've decided I now know you well enough to share one of life's wonderful simplicities. Even if you don't like PB cookies yourself I know that you know someone who does and you'd secretly like them to be your cookie slave, wouldn't you? Here's your ticket to owning a Peanut Butter cookie lover...

My Aunt Violette's PB Cookie recipe.

Before we start, lemme tell ya... YOU GOTTA TRUST OL' GREYBEARD.
Have I ever done ya wrong? No! So when you see how simple this recipe is you're not gonna believe it, and you'll be tempted to tinker. DON'T!

Aunt Violette's Peanut Butter Cookies:
1 C. Sugar
1 C. Peanut Butter
1 Egg

Mix ingredients, flatten 'em like ya do with PB cookies, bake 'em at 350 degrees until they're done.
That's it.

Sara Jean has learned to add just a touch of vanilla for flavoring and I like that, but it's not really necessary for excellent cookies.
Your peanut butter must be oily. We use Kroger's store brand and Sara Jean mixes half crunchy and half creamy Peanut Butter. I've tried Peter Pan PB and the cookies don't maintain their integrity coming out of the oven.

Some of my peeps reading this blog have actually masticated these wonderful morsels. Maybe a few of them can vouch for what I have written here.
How 'bout it Peeps?


Anonymous said...

Back in June of this year, I had the opportunity of herding geese with Ole Greybeard. We dined and snacked at the local restaurants and after 3 days we traveled to Greybeard and Sara Jean's hacienda. I was promtly introduced to Sara Jeans peanut butter cookies and savored them with coffee. Awesome! The best culinary treat of the trip. If you've never had them, your missing out.
I can stiil taste them! Keep em coming Sara Jean!
John K

Flamingo 91 said...

I love peanut butter cookies and these look great. Will bake up a batch after we finish the Peach Brandy Pound Cake!

Epijunky said...

Greybeard... Holy cow. They look fantastic, I might just have to make them this afternoon :)

And Flamingo... Peach Brandy Pound Cake? Uhm, YUM!

Rain said...

Thanks for the recipe but I must admit to being in shock that it worked. I kept thinking you must have left off the flour, but I tried it because it was simple and my daughter in law found out this year that she's allergic to wheat. I couldn't believe how delicious they were and like real cookies with no flour. I used Adams crunchy which has natural oils and it worked fine. I am wondering now if the Almond butter would also work. Anyway your Aunt Violette had a good one. I added the bit of vanilla like your wife and the only glitch was when I tried to take them out of the pan right away and they crumbled. Waiting a few minutes though and they came out easily and held together like any cookie.

Greybeard said...

Wonderful Rain! Thanks for the hints and the endorsement that the recipe works. It truly does seem incredible, but there's nothing in the recipe to make the cookies taste like anything other than Peanut Butter. Most exclaim they are the best they've ever eaten.
Hope your DIL enjoys them!

Andrea Shea King said...

Oh. My. Gawd.

Now I'm craving.... your fault.



Cissy Apple said...

I've used this recipe, BUT instead of criss-crossing them with a fork, I mash 'em down with a Hershey's Kiss. Unwrapped, of course, and bake 'em with the kiss on them. Delish.