22 December 2008

Albert Hammond Has It Right!

We're done for the day. All the paperwork is done. Preflight is done. Stuff we need for the flight is already on board the R44. The delivery guys have been advised to push the aircraft onto the flight line first thing in the morning.
Front Desk Clerk Marlene is aware we'll be needing our room at the Ramada one more night. The forecast for tomorrow is better, but that forecast indicates we'll be fighting a rain/sleet/snow mix all the way home from the Texas panhandle. Not fun. I hope the forecast is wrong.

Big Bubba is home from Arizona. Sara Jean is on the way to pick him up as I post this. It's nice Sara Jean won't be alone tonight, but I sure wish I was there with them both to share this holiday time.
(You guys think of me while watching
"The Snowman", and be prepared to watch it again when I'm home!)

Still more, later.


Anonymous said...


I didn't think - if your 496 is inop (and are they ever nice with XM weather and music and TERRAIN, you are welcome to borrow one of mt 295s.


Greybeard said...

What a nice offer.
Tim, once we're out of the L.A. area we'll be fine. Obviously when I first started making this trip, there was no such thing as gps, so I've done it without one before...
But they sure make getting lost difficult, don't they?
Thanks for the tip on the airport cafe at CHD. There are TOO FEW airports with nice places to eat on site. (Marana has one, and it's where I normally need to be stopping for fuel anyway.)
I'm heartened by your offer to a perfect stranger, man. Thank you.

Andrea Shea King said...

Hey there GB,

Just spent some time getting caught up on your posts and see that you're still "on the road'. Saying a prayer for your safe return home.

I'll be in the air today too -- heading to NC for the holiday. Not looking forward to crowded airports though...

Will be checking in again to see how you're progressing. Fly safely and get home soon. Merry Christmas!

Your Florida Fan