11 June 2008

Will It Be Lieberman?

He's already having trouble with staunch Conservatives, so it won't really hurt him with that bloc of voters. He's obviously actively courting Hillary supporters, who have been leaning his direction anyway.
Obama's support from extremist Islamic groups and some of his pre-AIPAC comments have Jewish voters suspicious of him. Selecting Lieberman would attract a VERY LARGE group of people dissatisfied with the status quo. I personally don't care, 'cause Mac ain't my guy anyway. But this ticket would be VERY powerful!

So what do ya think...
Will he tag Lieberman, and if he does, will Lieberman accept?

(And interestingly, wouldn't that make Lieberman the first man to run as V.P. on both tickets?)

Will tapping him even be necessary?


Anonymous said...

I doubt it. If he picked some other Democrat he *might* get his maverick appeal back. But Senator McCain seems to be running a step behind these days so I don't expect him to do anything radical.

Anonymous said...

On a side note I'm rooting for Barry to pick Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas. I was leaning towards Chuck Hagel or Jim Webb but Mrs. Sebelius style and presence compliments Barry's demeanor. They'll both bring in with them mid-western values which I find appealing. She's one of our country's best governors. But even more important that the veepstakes is who the respective nominees are gonna pick as advisers. I know I know Ayers is not someone we want advising on domestic policy but seriously do you really think Barry's that naive?

Greybeard said...

"...do you really think Barry's that naive?"

Lets' review, Rodolfo:
Johnson, (the guy that worked for Countrywide... the company Barack Hussein Obama railed against),
and now Furman, who actively supports WalMart, a company Barack Hussein Obama has also railed against.

Next question?

Anonymous said...

My point is that he won't pick any one of these nuts to be his cabinet members.

Barry's strength in understanding different point of views may also be construed as a political weakness but in the toxic political arena that we have today it's something that's badly needed.

Besides how's he ever gonna get his message on Iraq articulated when your voting bloc insists on guilt by association?


I'm not following you guys around, GB...I was looking for a video that someone stole!!

Anywy...Roldolfo, we interviewed Jack Cashill last week re your Kansas Gov. I'm fairly certain she won't be on the ticket.


Glad you enjoyed the vid. Those guys over at TNOYF are very good.

Greybeard said...

Problem is, R, that we want CHANGE and we want it NOW!
And how can we have change when BHO surrounds himself with these same Washington FAT CATS that have been around since Hector was just a pup?

Anonymous said...

"The politics of the Karl Rove era were designed to distract and divide the very people who would ordinarily be rebelling against the deterioration of their way of life. Working Americans have been repeatedly seduced at the polls by emotional issues such as the predictable mantra of "GOD, GUNS, GAYS, ABORTION, AND THE FLAG" while their way of life shifted ineluctably beneath their feet. But this election cycle showed an electorate that intends to hold government leaders accountable for allowing every American a fair opportunity to succeed."-Jim Webb

So true. So true.

Greybeard said...

Right, Rodolfo.
Jim Webb, the man to turn to when the subject is guns!

Unknown said...

"And interestingly, wouldn't that make Lieberman the first man to run as V.P. on both tickets?"

It would be just as weird as this whole campaign season has been. Nothing would surprise me at this point. One for the history books.


cary said...

... and they says NASCARs "silly season" doesn't make sense to the typical fan...

texasnana said...

Lieberman makes about as much sense as anyone. McCain was not my guy - in my opinion he is a typcial RINO = but I trust him more than Obama as a Commander in Chief. Obama is a Marxist - I wonder if that term is even in the history books anymore. At best we will get another Carter term - none of his younger supporters have a clue what that was like - at worst.....it's very frightening.

Anonymous said...

texasnana- is it because you're worried an Obama presidency will cause a spike in food/fuel prices? Or do you fear that Obama will start a war without any planning or exit strategy? Or wait maybe you're worried that if Obama gets elected he'll elect incompetents to run Federal Agencies like FEMA.