18 June 2008

"Trauma Naked"

Go RIGHT NOW and read this.
Some of you won't understand some of it... (I didn't.)
Doesn't matter. It's good. Read it.


texasnana said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. It only reinforces what special people our first responders are. Our son just graduated from fire academy and is currently in emt school. He is applying to fire departments in our area and is consistently placing in the top 10-15 out of 500+ (someone please have an opening!). As I read this article it made me realize Cory has chosen the perfect profession for him. He has a huge heart and yet can seperate his feelings from what is happening at the moment and perform the tasks at hand. And, just like this sweet gentleman, cry later. Thanks for the link.

OlePrairiedog said...

You are absolutely correct. Great article. Gets your attention with a message. Should be mandatory for college freshmen. Thanks for sharing.

Mommanurse said...

Oh, yeah.

cary said...

Thanks for pointing it out, GB.

I'll say the same thing her that I said there: wow.

You guys in the "save 'em all" business have got the "heroes" in Hollyweird looking pretty sickly.