06 June 2008


Global warming(?!).
Energy shortages.
Water shortages.
Food shortages.

How long before everyone begins to realize and talk about the real problem here?
Too many people on this sphere...
Too many people pursuing too few resources.

Since it's obvious nothing will be done about the problem until Mother Nature intervenes, I'm gonna start now trying to figure out how to profit from the coming disaster.



Let's open a gun shop!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the overall assessment. Overpopulation and dwindling resources are the most painfully obvious obstacles to human survival. But Mother Nature ought not to be the only motivating factor to inspire solutions. Neither is the cynical attitude that we ought to start profiting from our species demise. I hate to seem so serious about this but as a member of the generation that will inherit these problems I find very little to joke about.

Honor your ancestors. Be kind to your descendants.

Greybeard said...

So Rodolfo, who decides, and remember that means "who controls?"

Barack Obama wants to control what you drive, at what temperature you can set your thermostat, and HOW MUCH YOU CAN EAT!
What's next? Seems to me it's a pretty easy step then to NO SMOKING, No Sunbathing, and you must get 8 hours of sleep at night... no more, no less.

And the farce of all this crap...
and that's exactly what it is, CRAP...
Is that the biggest offenders are OUT of Barack the Messiah's control... China and India.

Should we lose weight?
Do you have the right to FORCE me to lose weight?
Just try.

Government control.
Be very, VERY careful what you wish for!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding me right? Barry's proving your point for you Greybeard. My philosophy is that we should try to do what works. There are some things where government needs to intervene and some where they should absolutely not. The challenge for us today is to define the middle ground that exists between the extremes of liberalism and conservatism. "Big government, state rights, fiscally conservative, liberal spender" Stop with the soundbites. And please don't lecture me on what I should or shouldn't wish for. You've proven to me that your track record on voting is suspect. I don't think any President elected after 2008 can top the damage done to America by the man you helped to elect.


Well, GB, your first mistake was using that evil word, "profit". It's a dirty word for some folks.

I guess Roldolfo thought I was joking when I left my comment. Not joking.

"Honor your ancestors. Be kind to your descendants."

I won't insult your intelligence, Rol, by suggesting you believe you are "honoring" or being "kind" to anyone. Do some homework, MY FRIEND.

cary said...

Obama can dictate the terms on which I live as soon as he starts paying ALL of my bills for me.

Anonymous said...


I'm all for capitalism. What I'm against is greed. Isn't that one of the deadly sins? Greed ultimately leads to violence.

With respect to our descendants all I'm saying is we should strive to leave our children a better planet than what we inherited. My generation is inheriting all sorts of problems from the bungling of the electorates of the past. This is why there's a climate of *change* in the air. The reason I called you out is not because I thought you were joking but I actually believed you. In the face of our species extinction all you can think of is making a profit? What good is your money when you got nobody to trade with? Apparently you don't understand just how serious overpopulation and poverty is. You may not feel the effects of it now but our descendants surely will.

I really don't know how much lower we can go after these past eight years. My sense is that at this point in time most people in this country would be willing to elect a *radical* because of how fed up they are with the Repubs. The Repubs aren't offering anything new and unless they do there's a good chance they'll get crushed in November.