09 June 2008

More Family Deaths

It's been a bad year in the EMS helicopter community. I wish I knew what causes accidents to come in spurts sometimes. The year after I started flying EMS, 1987, was the worst ever because of the explosion of program startups. This year has started off ugly.
I didn't share it with you at the time, but last month we lost three caring people in Wisconsin.

Today I'm reading about another terrible loss.

These accidents are almost always associated with bad weather or nighttime operations, or both.
I wish I had a magic wand...


the golden horse said...


Not enough can be said for all the wonderful work medical personnel and support do for us.
Go back in time before we were blessed with such help. It is a scary thing to even imagine. So many lives have been saved over the years.
When reading of such a horrible tragedy it pains my heart.
A few years ago, we lost a crew on Maui in a plane crash doing their job like the heroes they are. They were so close to the airport. So close.
So today, I join you in grief.
My condolences to their family and extended families.

cary said...

GB, I was going to write you privately and ask if you knew any of the crew members involved; in retrospect it would have been a silly question.

You may not have known them personally, but you knew OF them - and that is hard. Losing a member of an extended family always is.

Condolences from this household to yours; and to the households in Wisconsin and Texas.


Yes, it's been a bad year. I was checking your site for a post on the one last month.

Prayers to all the families. Such a shame.

Greybeard said...

I knew none of these people personally.
I'm saddened as we all are when we lose servicemen or public safety personnel...
Selfless people willing to take serious risks to help others.
I'm more saddened when we find out later that the risks they were taking were not well thought out, or were unnecessary.
Thanks for your thoughts, all of ya.