22 June 2008

To Those That Pray-

We received word from our "extended family" today that one of their's needs our prayers.
He was burned over 60% of his body in a refueling accident in Iraq. That's all we know so far, except that his airway was compromised, and that makes his case mighty serious. So if you are inclined, a short prayer for him and the rest of our heroes is appreciated.

It's an odd sort of coincidence for me... my last flight yesterday was to carry a bad burn patient to the Burn Center, and just this morning I had finished reading the extraordinary story of
Sgt. Merlin German. Unfamiliar with Sgt. German? Have hankies ready before you start reading!

Thank God such young men exist!

1 comment:

cary said...

I remember following the story of Sgt. German.

Prayers said from this end.