12 May 2012

Your Love Keeps Lifting Me...

I LOVE this tune.
But no one compares to Jackie.
Check his version out when you've finished hearing this stage-full of talent do it.


Scotty said...

Never been much of a Bruce fan but, if that song doesn't make you want to get up and jump.....yer dead!

I was in an R&B band for a few years and that was one of the many tunes we did. Had to leave that band because I got more pleasure out of eating and paying bills.....silly me!

lotta joy said...

When Joe and I first became an item on the fire department, one of the firemen was a part-time DJ. He knew my favorite song was SEA OF LOVE by the honeydrippers. At the Firemen's Ball he requested that no one be on the dance floor except for Assistant Chief Wyzard and Administrator Anderson. He played SEA OF LOVE and I'll never forget that night.