16 May 2012

Dead State Walking

California is toast.
The Governor now knows it and is sending out "hints", but J.Q. Public 
STILL  ain't payin' attention.
California is Greece, and the folks in Greece started pounding on the doors of their banks yesterday.
Their banks can't help 'em.
The E.U. WON'T help 'em.

From here on out, Europe will be interesting to watch.
When they realize the severity of their problem, folks in California will expect the rest of us to bail them out...
"Too big to fail !", ya know.
But it won't happen.
Their problems are too big to deal with.

I'm talking here to those of you who don't think I'm a Grade A kook...
Go here and read the words of a guy that knows economics FAR better than most of us.
Then act accordingly.

California is toast.
Illinois is in the toaster, cookin'.
We're all gonna suffer.
But the good Scouts among us will survive.


eiaftinfo said...

Amen. They are a state "starving while surrounded by food" - an oil rich coast, tremendous farmland forced into non-production, a great climate depopulated by outlandish taxation.

But, I think you are wrong that the feds won't try to help financially. Look at all the electoral votes - pretty hard to turn down. Is there money to do this?? Nope. But the votes . . . . the votes . . . . going to be hard to resist "doing something".

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I keep enough in the credit Union to cover bills. The rest is in tangibles (junk silver, ammo, hand tools, etc.). Food and water stored. More than one cache. Just another paranoid prepper.

lotta joy said...

"Then act accordingly". You're going to have to be more explicit. Who do we kill?

Greybeard said...

When the present administration's followers try to make a meal of Beau D, (and that sort of thing may very well happen), you have my permission to make several holes at center of mass!

the golden horse said...

I used to live in Ca. back in the late 80's and early 90's. Great place then. On recent visits and recent actions of their leadership, they deserve everything they are getting.
Should we bail them out, why, they will keep spending billions a year on illegals. They were aware of the fraud and still chose to do nothing.
Are we prepared, I hope so, but it's never enough.