17 May 2012


I hate it, hate it, hate it when I see something I like, then find it WON'T BE SOLD IN THE U.S.!
(Kawasaki's new W800.)


lotta joy said...

OOOoh. I love soft tails myself. I'm too old for a biker, but not too old for a bike. Ever since I had to lay my bike down and slide into a brick wall, (it was the only thing that saved me) I've been in love.

The Old Man said...

I'd trade my 800 Kaw in for one of those. It oozes cool.
But I'm a fat old man. I'd really have to keep my fat old man bike.

But it sure is purty.

Old NFO said...

NICE!!! Triumph is doing a retro version like that too!

CnC said...

i finally faced the facts and put the cover on my bike yesterday

Timothy Frazier said...

Triumph never stopped...Bonnieville, Thruxton, Scrambler, even the king of all Parallel twins that came out in 2010, the reborn Thunderbird. This Kaw looks great, but I think they probably aren't bringing it to the States because most people would put their money on a Triumph parallel twin in that class here instead. And if you're gonna go retro and be really cool in the cafe racer world and have the clams, Norton has been back with the Commando for some time now.

I'll admit I'm a bit Tirumph biased, though.