02 May 2012

Parking Wars- Updated

It was irritating... mighty irritating.
We lived in an apartment complex. There were enough parking spaces for everyone, and most could park close to their door. You could park with no one close if you didn't mind walking half a block or so.

The guy raising my ire had a beautiful new truck with a complex, custom paint job similar to the one above. (His truck had normal suspension.) When we came home his truck was parked diagonally across two spaces, right in front our our apartment. I took pen and paper in hand and wrote what I considered a reasonable note-
"You have a beautiful truck. If you feel the need to protect it, instead of inconveniencing others, please park out in the 'Back-forty'."

At 5 A.M. we heard an engine start, then REV-REV-REV-REV followed by a long blast of the horn before the vehicle drove away. Apparently he didn't think my request was reasonable.

The next night it happened again.
With pen and paper I escalated.
Once again we got the 5 A.M. "treatment".

But the truck never returned.

What would you have done?
Can you guess what I wrote that may have convinced the guy to park his truck elsewhere?

I'll update later.

I wrote, "It sure would be a shame if someone got angry enough to pour a can of paint remover across that gorgeous hood!"

I would never have done it, but he'd spent enough on that paint job he couldn't take that chance.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

You must be a powerful author of notes.

Jess said...

Whatever it was, copyright it and sell it for a dollar a pop. You could make a few thousand on Walmart customers alone.

Old NFO said...

Oh... I "think" it probably involved the paint job... :-)

Greybeard said...

I don't know what happened to your comment, GH...
I pushed "publish" and it disappeared.
But you're right. See the update.

Rita said...

Either that or have a buddy park on on the space where the front of the truck is and you park on the space toward the rear.

Let's see how he moves his truck when he's boxed in because of his own idiocy.

On a Wing and a Whim said...


Good one, Greybeard!

lotta joy said...

We've had similar dealings with no-class people, but they always managed to get back at us under the radar. No proof, just lots of personal knowledge who it was.

At least your man loved his truck enough to not seek a different type of revenge.

p.s. I used to be here under a different name, but I locked down my old blog and had to move to a new one due to a hacking situation. We know who it is: can't prove it. So I know what you're talking about.

Greybeard said...

My advantage D was that he couldn't be sure who was writing the notes. He may have had suspicions, but he'd have had to retaliate against four or five apartment dwellers to be sure he got the right one. (I also hope he began to realize he was being selfish and began to feel a little guilty.)

You're still having to dodge bullets with those idiots?
Where do they live? Paint remover is cheap and available!