18 January 2011

Sumdood At The Door

Yeah, FlightFire thinks I'm a right-wing nut.
You may think so too. If you do, ignore the following link.
For the rest of you, a reminder from our wise old Navy friend.
And to paraphrase my comment there, "Be prepared. This sort of thing is gonna happen more and more often."


Crown-n-coke said...

My wife got mad at me last week because after 10:30 pm and my doorbell rang I didnt answer it alone. I had my 9mm in my waistband by the time I got to the door. It happened to be her brother but I didn't know he was coming by. She thought I was being paranoid but like they say "you don't need a gun very often, but when you need it, you need it real bad".

Old NFO said...

I believe it is GB, and that's why I posted my screwup. If ONE person stops and thinks and DOESN'T do the wrong thing, it's worth it.

Rita said...

OK. I have to agree with being prepared but knowing CnC like I do, it's a miracle he didn't accidentally shoot his.......toes off.

That reminds me I keep putting off going to the shooting range. I keep two guns close in the house when Bob is sunning himself down in Florida while I freeze up north. I wouldn't hesitate to use them, but I haven't shot a gun in decades. I really need to learn how to hit a target should I ever need to.

wksaz said...

ANY gun ON you is worth the whole gun store left at home or in the car when the excrement hits the fan. And nothing beats good old situational awareness, just ask Old NFO.

GB and Old NFO are right, we need to be prepared at all times even if it is not convenient or comfortable. I live in quite a nice area and many people would probably call me paranoid, but I believe in being prepared always.

I like to call Murphy "truthful to a fault"

quietly vigilant,

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You are ABSOLUTELY correct. Further, this is just the tip of the economic/crime iceberg.

Very few understand what a completely-collapsing economy will do to the -- at least in Fornicalia -- MAJORITY of its "minority" citizens who are used to being coddled by their local, state and federal gubmints and, further, when their welfare checks don't arrive.

It's this: people in high-population areas and large cities, predominantly run and governed by Leftists, crammed into high-rises and high-density buildings and locales, will be over-run and sacked first by the majority illiterati -- the first ones to be shot and raped and slashed by the very same people they professed to "understand" and enable.

You, dear Leftists, will be found FIRST on the pikes of the illiterati.

How perfect, how apropos.

Another reason I live 91 miles away from my state's capital.