29 January 2011

The Prez Sez-

President(?) Obama is asking us all to "tone down the rhetoric".
So let's all be more civil, okay?
And should we end up warring with one another, let's try to make it a "Civil" war.


jinksto said...

At the moment one of my brothers is stuck in Egypt because he works in the oil industry. Think I'll forget who shut down drilling in the gulf?

Greybeard said...

No, I don't TJ. And nor should the rest of us who will suffer either a little or a LOT because of poor decision making by our President.

Prayers for your brother.

the golden horse said...

Oh, but GB, he helped Soros so much with his oil deal when he moved the rigs. Let's see, it was too deep for us to drill in the gulf, but wait, they are now drilling 5000 ft. deeper than before. And the loan money Soros got, has to be good doesn't it???
We only lost, what 26,000 jobs here, that can't be bad can it? Not.

I was asked two years ago, who I thought was the most dangerous man to the US, I still stand by that answer, with the Prez ? running a close second.

We can impeach for mismanaagement, I think we are there.