30 January 2011

Saudi Arabia

The biggee.

Iran was a problem. Syria and Libya have, at times, been irritations.
Trouble in Egypt has our attention. Rumbles in Tunisia, Jordan, and Algeria are a concern for Westerners.
But Saudi Arabia...
That's Hillary's "3 A.M. phone call".

We live in interesting times.


The Old Man said...

Stand by for $5 gas unless Hopey really changes his tune on drilling. The Muslim Brotherhood under Mr UN-Atomic-Inspector-Dude is going to wind up the recipient of the $2 billion we pay the Egyptians annually for Camp David.
Great idea.

WV - homases

Red Shoes said...

Yeah... I agree... and as someone on TV said this morning, our government has no identity in the world right now... so we sit and do absolutely nothing.

And so it goes...