20 January 2011

The 2012 Republican Nominee

I think the Republican party needs to be served notice early, so I'm pounding the drum now-
2012 is a crucial year. The G.O.P. needs to be VERY careful about who they nominate. If they pick the right candidate they can win this election with numbers every bit as convincing as we have seen in the mid-term. If they do things as they have in years past we'll see the two-party system destroyed.
Nominating a candidate in '12 because it's "his/her turn in line" ain't gonna cut it.

And that means don't nominate:
Mitt Romney,
Mike Huckabee,
Jeb Bush,
Rudy Giuliani,
or any other comfortable, old-time Repub stalwart.

They'd better be thinking Ronald Reagan.

Oh I know... that's a mighty TALL order!
But there are a few candidates out there right now that would excite T.E.A. Partiers-
LTC Allen West.
Thaddeus McCotter.
Herman Cain.
(And with the election of either of two of the above candidates you'd get the added benefit of having the first TRUE black President in the White House, IF that's still an important ticket that needs to be punched.)

Fair warning, Republican party...
Choose carefully.
It's time for true hope and change.


jinksto said...

Nah, if republicans voted for a black man for president they'd be labeled racist.

Personally, I'm still a fan of Jindal.

Rita said...

I agree completely, but you left out the real conservative that can win. Mike Pence.

We can't have any of the old guard, we need new blood and energy.

Greybeard said...

Thanks Rita. I agree that Mike Pence deserves our attention.

TJ, I think we've had this discussion before...
Jindal has the same problem as Obama...
Smarter folks than me say he isn't a "Natural Born Citizen" because of his parents. This WILL be a point of discussion in the next election, and WND is turning over the rocks about Bozama's lack of a Birth Certificate as I write this.
No matter what, it's gonna be interesting.

Rita said...

Pence will run, it's just a matter of whether it's 2012 or 2016 after he's elected Indiana's governor. I think we need him more at the White House, but given that Mitch Daniels still hasn't spoken out about whether he's running for POTUS, Pence seems to be holding off. By law, Daniels can run again as governor, but he readily admits he didn't like living and working in D.C.

I think Daniels will run and Pence won't go up against him, although he would be a better candidate.

Timothy Frazier said...

Good luck to 'em. Better a Republican than a Democrat, but I won't be voting for either. I've made a vow never to vote for the lesser of two evils again, and I'm sticking to it. The Libertarian candidate will likely get my vote again.

the golden horse said...

I, too like Jindal, but he might not be eligble, But, heck, wouldn't be the first time.
I also like Pence and I think Ryan is pretty sharp.
Bachman is on it, but a woman will be hard to get elected, even as VP.
I think it has to be someone totally out of left field this time. They have to be very careful on this one.
I think the last candidates were set up to lose, we were so unprepared. They had no spirit, no organization. No heart.

Old NFO said...

I 'think' Pence/Bachman or Pence/West would win, and we DO need a different set of options in 12.

Greybeard said...

Even some supposedly intelligent people can be really stupid, as is proved at comments to this post. But there's some good stuff there too and I recommend it to my readers.
Jindal won't be a candidate.
We won't make this same mistake again...

Crown-n-coke said...

Mike Pence has my support, he is the most Reagan like.

Red Shoes said...

Hi, PitchPull... found you throuh Linnnn... I understand the 'old guard' Republicans that would be a waste of a nomination, but I would love to hear you explain the position on Romney.

I felt he was the only real candidate the Republicans had to consider in 2010...

Your commentors have left some names for which I will have to do some research...

I occupy an interesting position... My conservative friends tell me I'm Liberal... my Liberal friends tell me I'm conservative...

I MUST be doing something right!!! :oD


Crown-n-coke said...

red shoes, there is still hope for you! lol

Greybeard said...

Hi Red Shoes, and thanks for stopping by long enough to comment.
My major problem with Romney is his apparent help in constructing what, for all intents, was an "Obmacare" system in MA that is now faltering.
How does a true conservative work toward installing a system like that?
Plus, as my post indicates, I'm suspect of any "R" from the past, particularly one from the Northeast.
It's time for completely new thinking and actions. Romney's been around for a while. His Dad was around so long he stank the place up. The country is in DEEP trouble and it's gonna take serious shock treatment to get us turned around and headed toward solvency.
(Can we elect Romney's wife without bringing him along? I like the cut of her jib.)

I've read and enjoyed your comments at Lynnnnnnnn's place. But I honestly feel the place you should be shooting for is to have both conservatives and liberals calling you conservative. We've been following the socialist path so long we've forgotten what "socialist" means...
Social Security?
How's that workin' for ya?

Red Shoes said...

Hi, Greybeard! Thanks for the reply!!

I TOTALLy agree with you about the condition/state of our Country... I do worry so for it...

I look forward to reading more of what you write!!

Thank you!!