01 June 2009


As previously noted, our aircraft was approaching a major maintenance event and we had to switch into another BK. That meant moving all the stuff necessary to do the job from one helicopter to another... medical and aviation. Quite a task.
We got a flight almost immediately after the switch, and on the way to pick up our patient my crew was still putting things into their proper places.
Over the intercom my Flight Nurse says, "Was this aircraft in Kansas?"
"No, I think it was in Wisconsin" I respond.
"Well, there's a card here with the pre-programmed frequencies for Topeka, Manhattan, and Witcheeta" he says.
It took a second to resolve...
"Wichita?" I ask.
Paramedic and I begin to laugh heartily.
This Nurse is a good guy and a good Nurse.
But he needed a good nickname.
Now he has one.

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cj said...

The new ones always do it, don't they? They do that one thing that brands them with the perfect nickname...

Funny story, GB. Thanks for sharing.