22 June 2009

Camerapilot Comments

Friend "Camerapilot comments at my post "The List":

I have an idea I want to throw your way......
How about having a list of actors and directors that have served their country and held firm in their beliefs of the American way.
The list is long.

Thanks Jesse for your interest, and thanks for being one of the few to leave your thoughts now and then. I know your comment above to be true...
We've all seen the tributes to folks like Charles Durning, Don Adams, and other heroes now making their living in Hollywood.

My initial thought is not to start a list of non-traitorous Hollywood types, but to honor folks individually who have worked to keep us free and free the oppressed of the world. Reiterating, my post "The List" was to help others see the names of those folks aiding our enemies and helping them to kill our brave troops.

So for right now, there'll be no "Heroes of Hollywood" list. But I'll certainly consider highlighting those who have served so that the Hollywood idiots on "The List" can rub elbows with murderers and dictators.

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camerapilot said...

You do good work. Carry on.