21 June 2009

Super Glue

After years of exhaustive study and consulting with other users
I have determined something with certainty-

If you want to glue fingers together, cyanoacrylate is your glue. For all other purposes it pretty much stinks. I just tried, for the fourth time, to re-attach my rear-view mirror with no success.
During the process I almost glued my index finger to my thumb.
Frustrating stuff.


Capt. Schmoe said...

Mr. Pitchpull,

Go down to your local parts store. There, you will find a rear view mirror attatcher kit. They might even have two different ones. The more expensive one may have a scraper and a alcohol prep. If you don't need that stuff, the cheaper on may be OK for you. If I 'member correctly, it's a two part adhesive. I had to use one one my jeep after replacing a windshield. It works great, been on for a couple of years. Good luck

Joker said...

Not sure what kind of glue you are talking about but if your fingers get glued together again, try ordinary fingernail polish remover.
I don't anymore, but for years I used to wear the glue on nails and have glued my fingers together several times and lost skin trying to get them apart, until I discovered that fingernail polish remover works for me!

Mike Poole said...

Heh heh.. I was just going to mention the rear view mirror stuff. Your fingers will become "well-acquainted" if you stick them with that stuff.

cary said...

...and never, never, NEVER lick your fingers when you are finished...