29 April 2009



I was upstairs getting ready for work, listening to the TV downstairs. She was watching what I was hearing. I ran to the balcony and looked down to see what she was talking about...
"See how he looks? He looks frightened. His cockiness is gone."

My wife has a sixth sense. She's almost never wrong in her character judgments. And I could see she was right. So I said, "Well, you gotta remember, he gets a Top Secret briefing every morning about the status of the world around him. His briefers may have scared the crap out of him today."

But on the way to work tonight I thought of something else-
Two weeks ago in Mexico he was escorted on a tour by a man who is now dead. That man's death has been attributed to various causes, including heart trouble and SWINE FLU.
Is our President(?) beginning to feel a little feverish?
Or is he just beginning to realize how much danger he has exposed himself and the Nation to with some of his poor decision making?

So, what's goin on?
All we can do is wait and watch.

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