17 April 2009

Peacefully Dealing With Pirates?

I'm still puzzled by this problem of pirates boarding big cargo vessels near Somalia...
Sure seems to me it would be easy to ward them off with a small security force on each ship, but maybe I'm unaware of the big picture?

The pirates are approaching in small boats, then they throw a grappling hook into the cargo ship while the crew of that ship sprays them with a fire hose to try to prevent them from boarding.
Here's my suggestion:
The pirates approach and sidle up to the cargo ship. The crew on the cargo ship looks over the side and drops a gallon hefty bag filled with gasoline into the pirate boat, then brandishes a flare gun and asks, "Would you like to see the second part of our new welcoming celebration?"
I think most pirates would decline.


jinksto said...

Brandish? Bah. You're at sea, no one's within 100 miles. Fire.

7 pirates disappear from the face of the earth, your ship arrives safely and no one complains about the harsh treatment of thieves.

cary said...

...or the scorch marks on your hull, which would need to be left there as a warning to other pirates...