12 April 2009


I'm interested in what is happening off the coast of Somalia because I think we're seeing an indication of how many of our enemies will deal with the U.S. in the future...
Unable to compete with our technology, they'll resort to 17th century tactics where our wonderful toys have less power.
Still, I think we could put our gadgets to good use-
I'm sure there are all sorts of tools available to our "negotiators" there, to include a few Seals that are chomping at the bit to get involved. Why not let them?
Send a few over to that powerless lifeboat and attach a line somewhere beneath waterline. Then begin towing that sucker out to deeper water, comforting the pirates all the while that we have no intention whatever of feeding their corpses to swine after we execute them.

Then let's see how brave they are.


wksaz said...

My brother in law and I were saying these very things about the seals yesterday. His plan involved a few small holes in the bottom of the boat and some seals with suppressed weapons. I'm sure the boys over there have the courage, I'm not so sure about Washington anymore.

Why, when the captain jumped overboard and tried to escape did the USS Bainbridge not light up that lifeboat like a Christmas tree? I can just see a Petty Officer with a set of night vision binoculars saying, "Captian, the hostage is in the water" then, two seconds later, the order from his CO to "fire at will" That is the way we should deal with them. Swift sure justice.

I also think we should let the cargo ships that operate in these areas arm themselves with some nice browning .50s and some trained gunners. That would be enough for most of the threats they encounter.

My .02 but then I'm not there. I wish I could be though!

Cissy Apple said...

Thankfully, three of those idiot Somalian pirates are now being tended to by their so-called 72 virgins--or feeding the sharks. The other one should be tortured until he gives up some good information. To those of you that think torture is never the right thing to do...oh well. I think it's warranted in order to get information to help us stop this BS going on in the Mediterranean and Indian oceans.

CJ said...

Ask and you shall receive, GB. US Navy Seals 3, pirates 0. Captain Phillips resting comfortably on the USS Boxer.

Questions remain, however. Why did it take so long? Why were reporters at the press conference with CENTCOM worried about how the pirates will react? When will people start to understand that you don't negotiate with backward thinking people like this?

Thank God we have brave men like Captain Phillips and those serving in the US Navy.

What a glorious Easter gift for Phillip's family.


wksaz said...

Ditto what Cissy Apple and CJ said.......Pirates' Reaction????!!!??

I'll stand with the Seals thanks, we will test their reaction to lead.

God Bless all of those who brought this to a just end.

Happy Easter for sure!


Cissy Apple said...

Years ago, I saw photos of those chicken-sh** males in Somalia...those fighting for their warlord leaders. It doesn't take 20/20 vision to notice that the women and children in Somalia are beaten, tortured, raped...and they're starving to death. The males? Looking hale and hearty, fed by humanitarian aid organizations. The food doesn't get to the innocents--the fighters get to it first.

Greybeard said...

I don't think anyone can logically argue, Cissy. We need to completely rethink our aid programs.
One of our relatives conducts an annual mission trip to West Virginia. All year long he gathers blankets and winter clothing, coats mostly. His stories about folks in those hills has convinced me before we send aid abroad we ought to be taking care of our own here at home first...
And those folks in West Virginia aren't hijacking U.S. goods!