10 September 2007

The "Fight For Victory Tour"

I'll be busy catching up on my mandatory "10 hours of uninterrupted rest" tomorrow, so I won't be able to attend-
Shame too, 'cause I'm sure I'd love attending and bein' surrounded by folks that are not "self-centered."
But if you are within reasonable driving distance of the Windy City, please give consideration to making your voice heard with other like-minded souls.
You can check out the location and time by clicking and reading
ThirdWaveDave's post on the subject.

And if ya go, come back and comment about it, please!

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Thanks very much for posting about the event. Marathon Pundit posted along with you too. He works in Niles but can't be there due to work obligations. However, he's sending his wife and daughter in his place and they'll get some good photos as well. Again, thanks for your help.