07 September 2007

$15 An Hour!

My Paternal Grandmother died of ALS... Lou Gehrig's disease.
She was an odd case, because she wasn't diagnosed until she was well into her 80's.
She had been extraordinarily active for an old gal, so it was exceedingly hard to watch her slowly lose control of her body...

become unable to form words...
eventually being unable to swallow.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit says if you view the 4 minute video, $1 will be donated to the fight against ALS. By my calculations that means you can earn the equivalent of almost 15 smackers an hour by just clicking this link and viewing the video.

So c'mon... click the link!
And Bloggers... post it too!
Friend John called after reading to extend his condolences at the loss of my Grandmother. I should have made it more clear... Grandma died almost 30 years ago. I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks anyway John!

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