09 September 2007

CBS News

Yeah, I mean you... the Network that formerly employed that slimeball Dan Rather!
Still up to your old tricks, aren't you?
I was on my way into Bigtown to fly with my student, and at Noon I took a chance and tuned in your news broadcast on the radio.

Two things puzzled me:
1. You referred to the (new?) Osama/Usama Bin Laden video and said he looked younger and healthier.
Uhh... are you looking at the same video I'm seeing?
The one with the sunken eyes and the apparently fake "Just For Men" beard?

This is a still of the video I saw:

...And I'm sorry CBS, but to me it looks as if some dude with VERY, VERY long arms has one up OBL's anal orifice to control the movement of his mouth so he looks as if he's still alive.
Just sayin', ya know!

2. The other refreshing thing I heard was that "Conservative Nebraska Republican" Senator Chuck Hagel won't be seeking re-election.
Hello... CBS?
What planet have you been living on for the past few months?

Repeat after me....
You may not know what those letters stand for, so your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to go look 'em up on the search engine of your choice, and when you find the answer, leave a comment and let me know you can identify a real conservative when you see one.
(By the way, the Democrat most likely to succeed Chuck Hagel is more conservative than he is!
Good Luck Harry Reid!)

Thanks CBS.
It's good to know that in this ever-changing world, there are still some things I can depend on!

That's real comforting.


The Joker said...

You're right. He does NOT look younger or healthy. I, myself, only believe 1/2 of what I hear on the news, anyhow. How many times has the news media had to retract their statements because of their erroneous information sources or aggressive reporters trying to get their story published or make a name for themselves? Many times.

I think OBL looked gravely ill several years ago and probably died (my opinion), but before he died he made videos for future use to “scare” the Americans. If by some chance he is still alive and these are new videos, then he still looks gravely ill and one can only hope he dies soon. And besides, anybody can dye their hair.

Neil said...

Slanted "reporting" from both sides is rampant. I guess it just depends whichever side you lean to, when it comes to noticing the garbage being spewed by "reporters".

As for Bin Laden, He puts out more tapes than anyone who performed at the MTV awards last night. (and for the most part, they seem to be of equal quality to most recording "artists" on that show...ugh!)
Is he alive or dead? Who knows. I dont care to hear about this dude until he is either located or killed. Then I'll pay attention. Nothing he says is of interest to me.

Greybeard said...

Thanks Neil.
I'll argue one point...
The CBS/Dan Rather business was a flat out lie, broadcast with the specific intention of changing the outcome of the Presidential election. I cannot think of one instance where conservative media has done such an underhanded thing.
Can you?

Neil said...

Well, again, I think it goes back to where your personal politics lie. Personally, I think some of the largest lying mouths in representation of the right are seated at top levels of the government, let alone in some back lot studio at CBS....

Did Rather have a bad idea? Yes, although I disagree it was to the extreme that you suggest. If it is such a threat, however, that a journalist on an evening news show can sway an election with a report about a guy doing a crappy job of being a guardsman, I think we have bigger problems....

Greybeard said...

If our elected officials disappoint us, we can, and DO elect new ones. Our news media has been lying to us for decades, and caused us great harm with their coverage of Viet Nam.

Once again, let me try get an answer to my question from you, Neil:
Can you think of one instance where the conservative news media lied, like Dan Rather or Eason Jordan of CNN did?
I cannot think of an incident that even approaches such deceit.

Your turn...

Greybeard said...

Oh, and Neil-
Here's a little educational filler for your amusement!