14 July 2007

Updated Profile

I've updated my profile and wanted to share it with ya:

Curious by nature, I enjoy learning how things work. Now in my 40th year flying helicopters, I've been a gunship pilot, tour pilot, traffic pilot for a radio station, and flight instructor. I've used helicopters to keep frost off peach trees, pollinate corn, dry racetracks, herd geese, and, as a Deputy Sheriff, chase criminals. I now make my bread and butter flying a helicopter ambulance. A Viet Nam Veteran, I now proudly add "U.S. Army, Retired" to my signature block. I'm fiscally Conservative, growing tired of pointing out the failures of Socialism. I like machines......cars, motorcycles, things that fly. Selfish with my time- I enjoy being around others, but I like being in control of when and where that happens. My idea of heaven on earth: Sara Jean alongside, a good book, an ice cold beer, white sand, and a warm breeze blowing in from the sea.

Lots of memories there. More to come!

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