16 July 2007

Open Your Eyes

From a comment to a Post below:

"Is this BS told to naive reporter?"

Fair question, right?
But let me tell ya what scares me, folks. There are too many intelligent people asking questions like that one. To fully understand my fear... go now and watch this video.
Then, and only then, those of you that are able to watch the complete video can come back here and discuss whether Islamic extremists are capable of baking an 11 year old child in an oven.

Please... head outta the sand everyone.


OlePrairiedog said...

These are the same "religious fanatics" who can kill their sisters because of a slight to their family honor, and are praised for the deed. It is much worse than you can imagine. Consider an Islamic believer in a hurry will actually make a decision to pass a convoy on the left with traffic coming at them, because if they die and kill several other people, it is the will of God.

Anonymous said...

This story surfaced over at Little Green Footballs, too. I don't think anyone suggests that the Islamo-fruitcake element isn't sufficiently depraved to do such a thing, but whether they had the technical means to do it is another matter. That's where I get hung up with this story.