24 July 2007

Gaia, Upside-Down

It seems we truly are in the world of "Bizarro Jerry"...
I can only shake my head and hope to awaken from what seems to be a frustrating nightmare-
Does the real world work this way?:

A woman charges a man with rape.
The Judge in the case prohibits certain words from being used in the trial.
Wanta take a shot at which words are forbidden?

A man allegedly rapes a 7 year old child. Although he normally carries on adequately in an English speaking environment, he is set free on what seems to be a pretty flimsy technicality.
(If you were the parents of this child being denied justice, what would you do?)
If I were them, I am fearful what I might do if he is released without a trial.

Appeals have been lodged in both cases.
Someone wake me!

1 comment:

The Joker said...

OMG! I don't need to go to your links to know what you are talking about. I've already read the articles and I was dumbfounded! What has happened to our society AND our court systems? When I read those articles I could not believe that those words were not allowed in court -- isn't that why they were "in" court in the first place. It makes no sense to me. The other guy walked because they couldn't get a translater! Come on!!!

Both news items made me furious.
And yeah, if it were my kid, you better believe that guy had better be watching his back at ALL times, cause I'm pretty sure he wouldn't see his next birthday.