08 July 2007

Como Se Dice "Cookie"?

Well, the people of Mexico may be sayin' no, but the Mexicans in Mesa, Arizona are saying YES!, resoundingly.
The stores here are packed with brown-skinned workers AND customers.

We were purchasing supplies for Big Bubba's 24th birthday party. There were no cookies in the bakery case. Sara Jean approached a worker there and asked, "Do you have any cookies?"

The worker turned and continued with her task at hand. Thinking she hadn't been heard, Sara Jean walked closer and spoke in a louder voice. "Do you have any cookies?"

The worker looked at her, then turned to a co-worker and said something in Spanish. The co-worker walked over and asked,
"Can I help you?"

I can only infer that Wal Mart is now hiring non-English speaking workers.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think that a shelf loader need much english to put up stuff there. And even if she could speak english, I think her accent would be a problem. Or her brown color. Or both.
I can only infer, Mesa is a place where only born-american white people are appreciated by some. Sadly that's not the only one city. And yeah, thinking this way won't make me a democrat.

Greybeard said...

Uhh, what?

Can anyone translate the above comment for me?

The Old Man said...

OK, let's spell it right this time...

Nonny Mouse appears to be on her eighth chorus of "Kumbaya". I do believe the little trollkin called you a racist in her inimitable way. Isn't that a cute substitute for analytical thinking?
But she is absolutely correct in her statement that "thinking this way won't make me a democrat". It merely exposes the shallowness of her end of the gene pool.
"Pool boy! Some chlorine, please...."

Greybeard said...

Ya know, I thought I was bein' called a racist, and was befuddled. So what would cause someone to think I'm racist... the use of the term brown-skinned? Oh my.
What sort of mind thinks that way?

Anonymous, I'm sorry, but I think you have a bitter mind and are grasping at any chance to throw stones at those without your mindset. Do you live your entire life watching for slights?
I agree with your comment that the worker doesn't need English to stock shelves. But she sure as hell needs to know English to answer a simple question like "Do you have any cookies?".
If Wal Mart truly wants to serve its customers, the workers need to be able to serve the customers, wouldn't you agree?
To say "I think her accent would be a problem" says more about you than me.

And Anon, I bet if we had been able to watch you pull the lever at the last Presidential election, the name above that lever would have been Kerry.

Thanks Anon, for the edifying comment!

Flightfire said...

Ahh bueno. Me extranas Greybeard. He estado en Peru aprediendo espanol para usar aqui en mi carrera. Es muy util ahora porque hay mucha gente que no puede hablar Ingles en nuestro pais. Pero, el problema es que esta gente trabaja mucho mas duro que la mayoria de Estadounidenses. Ellos empiezan negocios,crian familias y hacen todas las cosas que haciamos. Ellos son Americanos pero nacian en un lugar different.

No I'm not cussing at you in Spanish. I'm expressing my opinion and why I decided to learn Spanish. Plug it into Babelfish and see what you get.

And "do you have any cookies" is "tienes galletas"

Greybeard said...

Tienes Galletas?
Thanks FF. I'll remember that when I'm in Peru next time!
Good luck at school.