07 August 2007


Well, it's not that we're always bein' lied to, so much as we're not always bein' told the whole truth:

Saddam and Al Qaeda.

Control information- control your world.
And until we had access to the internet and Bloggers started checking "facts" being put out by major media sources, those sources were able to spin us as they pleased.
Thank God for the internet!

If you used to leave inane, time-wasting, anonymous comments here at "Pitchpull", you've noticed I no longer allow them. Not surprisingly, stupid, uneducated comments have ceased. I'm more than happy to entertain disagreeing commenters... just don't be ignorant. Know your subject before you press the Qwertys!

And before you do that, do a little studying, please:
Check out how major media treated Sgt. Jimmy Massey,
Jesse Macbeth, and now "Scott Thomas" Beauchamp.

A couple quick questions for true thinkers-
How long before even the most die-hard left leaner begins to question the poison he is being fed?

Good news about the mood in Iraq is finally beginning to creep into, of all things, the New York Times!
How have our protectors in Iraq and Afghanistan continued to function, considering the onslaught of lies being reported by our major media?

Mary Mapes and Dan Rather,
Eason Jordan...
Have we, at LAST, turned a corner?
Will "facts", reported by our major media, once again be true?

This I pray.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

and the good news that the surge is apparently working is driving the left crazy!

The Old Man said...

Oh my friend, I love your thoughts, but you have no idea how strong the liars are. Remember, bloggers only reach 13% or so of the Ampop - when there is a 30% penetration of the public (or more thsn Katie Couric) we can make a real difference in opinion shaping. (Hated to use the term, but reality demands it)

Andrea Shea King said...

Do you ever listen to Mark Levin? I think you would like him. He calls it out exactly the way it is. No holds barred.

We might be reaching only 13% of the population, but that number is growing everyday. Just like Levin's Arbitron numbers are climbing. More and more people are tuning in and turning on.

Somedays the tide turns in our favor -- other days the bad guys catch the wave. But here's the bottom line -- we're pushing back. In increasing numbers.

Faith. And Courage. I think Gen. Patton said that....