17 April 2006

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

Flush the toilet in our Master Bedroom.
As the water tank reaches the end of it's fill cycle
and the fill valve begins to close,
the toilet makes a sound EXACTLY like the distorted guitar chord that begins the tune "I Feel Fine" by The Beatles!
I'm SO proud of my talented house!

Now, that set me to thinking......
If you go back through the almost year of posts on this journal,
quite a few of the posts themselves are music related.
Many of the titles to posts.......
"Magic Carpet Ride"......
"Time in a Bottle",
are ripped from songs popular during the late '60's and early '70's.
Music is at the very core of the fabric of our lives.

In an early morning discussion today I found myself using Bob Seger's phrase, "I used her, she used me, and neither one cared.........we were gettin' our share."
And it was comfortable........it fit well into our discussion.

In another post on another blog I discussed how "Rhapsody In Blue" will stop me dead in my tracks.....it's too beautiful to let pass without devoting full attention to it.

I wonder........does everyone feel this way?
Did previous generations feel this way?

In closing, let me just say something I've wanted to use here for a long time:

"Ya can't always get what ya want,
But if you try sometimes, ya just might find.......
Ya get what ya need!"



Jason said...

I know for me that music has a huge impact. Not so much for the lyrics, but for the melodies. Having played the bass guit in the past there is just something about a good driving bass line that makes me stop and listen. :) A nice set of headphones makes it all the better.

Mommanurse said...

"It's so nice to be insane, no one asks you to explain......."

Di said...

We have something in common....I've made references to a number of songs in my blog as well, and I find myself associating lines to songs in conversation too! Typically, a word or phrase in conversation leads me to a melody. I must say, I've never tuned into my toilet before to see what's playing...

My daughter was just home for a visit, and she sang to my new parrot. Seems I've gotten lucky...the bird loves music...sat right on the neck? of her guitar while she serenaded...My daughter drove back to Nashville today, and called in to sing the bird goodnight...I'm hoping when it becomes vocal, it will sing like my child...wouldn't THAT be great?!

Now...if I could just get my bird and my toilet in sync....some kind of two-part harmony?! (They could teach the world to sing....I digress)

Hmmm...the wheels are turning...a blog where the posts are referenced by songs....commented upon by songs....

Di said...

You know...on a serious note....music DID seem to define 'our generation'...there are sooo many songs that come to mind when I think of all that was happening in our era....music itself was a 'happening thing' then...

Oleprairiedog said...

Blue Skys by Willie, Java Jive by the Inkspots, Inagadadavida (sp?), some of the tunes on the New Generation Album, Dave Brubek, Mills Brothers, Yeah, Music is part of our lives, a big part. I find with a few exceptions, most of the youth today is not as eclectic as we were. One of my boy children was listening to his IPOD and I questioned him about the song. He asked if I knew who it was, and I replied "Black-eyed Peas". He dropped his jaw and said he was impressed. I got out my CD's, and put in a random disk, It turned out he knew every song on it (1970-73) Songwriters and singers. I said I was impressed. Anyway, It made me feel good that he and his brothers love music and books as well as I.

the golden horse said...

What a sad life this would be without music in it.
Music defines so many things for us, we can escape, we can heal, we can bring back memories, we can make new ones. We can set new trends.
And even if you can't dance, go through life like you could dance to every song. Because everyone can dance, it's not how good you are, but that you tried.

There is music that makes us happy, sad, melancholy, even puts us in a trance. Some relaxes us, some puts us on edge. With some we can even send messages, so we communicate to other tribes.

Thank goodness for different people so that we may enjoy different music.

I have found I actually do enjoy different kinds of music and alot of it.
Some music defines different cultures and gives us a great opportunity to learn.

Ah, yes, indeed, what a sad world it world be without it.