16 April 2006

Horse Sense

Just started my shift....
I saw something on my way to work that I wanted to share.

I passed a pasture that had six horses standing in the corner.
Two of the horses were spectating, as the other four
had formed a square formation,
nose to tail-nose to tail, all around.
Each of the horses was nibbling on his teammates rump.......
obviously scratchin' an itch that needed scratchin'!
It looked highly satisfying for all concerned, but I wondered......
what's wrong with a hexagon, so that all six could share?

For me, seeing it on this wonderful day put a smile on my face.
Happy Easter, everyone!


John said...

Well the answer seems obvious to me.

Humans have ten fingers and most of use a base 10 numbering scheme. Since horses have four legs, they think in base 4.

Just a theory ...


the golden horse said...

What a wonderful scene you got to partake in.
It might have been, they were taking turns, or in the wild, two might have been on lookout, or they just might not have had an itch at that moment.
My horses used to do the same thing, nose and tail and swishing their tails to keep the flies off the face of the other horse. Maybe if they were in a hexagon, their aim might be off.