13 April 2006


Just 'cause it flies and has a rotor, doesn't mean it's a helicopter.

Yesterday, my student showed up for his helicopter lesson in his "Magni" Autogyro.

I was thrilled to get a chance to fly with him in this machine......
I have always wanted to fly one with someone I knew was not certifiably insane!

The aircraft I flew in is the same type you see here.
(Kind of a flying motorcycle!)
I had to buy a disposable camera to get a photo of the aircraft I rode in......
when the film is developed, I'll share that pic with you.

Sara Jean threw a fit when she found out,
but my attitude has always been that life is a series of calculated risks,
and this is just another of those "things I always wanted to do" that I can now check off my list!


the golden horse said...

Aawwww How cute, looks like it is straight out of a tinker toy box.
I bet it is a cool thing to fly in.
Be careful.

Purple Tabby said...

Texas has mosquitoes bigger than that thing, GB.

Do ya have to run real fast and jump off a cliff to get it airborne?

Anonymous said...

Saw one of these at the airport that I fly out of today. It looked very cool to fly and someone had attached racks of small red rockets to each wing strut. Didn't see anyone around or I would have definately stopped for a chat.

Anonymous said...

... err sorry, wheel struts