20 April 2012

The Business "List"

Newly added: Bank of America
My original "List" was devoted to the entertanment industry. Folks trying to force their political views on us when we're paying to be entertained, not harangued, need to know we'd like them to "shut up and sing".

But the hypocrisy is finally making my head feel like it's gonna burst.
It's okay to use metaphors to make your point, unless you're Sarah Palin.
Bill Maher can be vile and despicable, but Rush Limbaugh needs to be fired.
It's time we take a stand.
It's time for a new list... a list of businesses we need to boycott to show our displeasure.

This post, like my original "The List", will be periodically updated. New names will be added and, if possible, subtracted, as businesses see the light and change their path.

Hereupon I'll list business I know to be anti-U.S., or at least strong supporters of the "Socialist" way. As before, please feel free to share experiences you may have or news you hear about businesses conservatives need to avoid rewarding.
Here's my "Business List". Spend your dollars elsewhere:

Bank of America
Coca Cola
GE, and all it's subsidiaries
Home Depot
Men's Wearhouse
Pepsi Cola
Progressive Insurance

Time Magazine


Old NFO said...

They just don't get it do they???

the golden horse said...

Well the Dems recently threathened Coca Cola and Walmart and other companies due to their support of ALEC, it was to retaliate on voter ID Laws around the country.
5 hours later Coke backed down.

cj said...

Coca-cola for canceling their support for the Stand Your Ground movement after being pressured by the Trayvon Martin crowd.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Bradley owned or operated gas stations. Don't know if they are still in SCCA Racing but they treat their employees horribly.

CnC said...

I will go into a Citgo only to take a piss, but never do I buy gas from that asshole Chavez!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Citgo = NO.


Peter said...

May I suggest that you include either a brief explanation, or a link to a brief explanation, of why each company is unworthy of support? Some on your list are known to me, but I don't know why others appear there.