28 April 2012

We're Getting There Fast... Where Are We Going?

This fly-by was seen, maybe by millions.
I wonder if those onlookers thought about what it truly means?

We used to lead.
What other country has set foot on the moon?

Now, to get into space we have to thumb a ride with folks who don't even like us.

I grew up in an era of true "Hope and Change".
Our kids now can't even find a job and are "thumbing a ride" from others just to put food in their bellies.

Looking forward to retirement, this is NOT the world I expected to live in.
And the scariest thing?
I don't see a leader out there willing to stop this runaway train.

Be prepared.


Jess said...

Yep. We've put all our race horses out to pasture, without any replacements. I'd say we're going to have to sit out the next race for space, unless Uncle Sam gets out of the way and lets the visionaries of this generation move ahead.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

My grandparents wouldn't recognize their country at all. In that way, I'm glad they have passed on.

If Obama is re-elected, you may as well buy up all the rest of the ammo and pull the rock closed behind you.


Joe said...

The only place in all of Government The Obama could find to cut was NASA and the space program.

He has gutted the one place where Government was successful.