19 March 2012

My Music and the Hard Lesson Learned

"We're having a party. Can I borrow some of your records?" my friend asked.
"Aw c'mon man! I PROMISE to take great care of them!"

So after showing him how I wanted him to handle my vinyl, I relented.
And you know the rest of the story...
Alcohol flowed. He wasn't the only one handling my records. Most came back with scratches.
This one didn't come back at all-

When CD's first came out, it was my first purchase.
No, you cannot borrow it!


Scotty said...

I was stationed at Fort Ord for my infantry training and every chance I got I would head up to Frisco to go the the Filmore West. BZ and I talked a bit about this in a thread he had.

Three Dog Night was one of the many bands I saw there. It wasn't one of their stellar performances. I learned why later in life that their frontman had substance abuse issues....of course that that unusual given the time period.

Doing my training at Ord was as good as it got for me, being a musician. That whole area was a hub for great music....among other things.....;-)

OlePrairiedog said...

Yeah, but can you make a copy????
I could use a little mad music to help me unlax.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, Fillmore West... Doobies, Jefferson Starship, Grateful Dead, 3DN :-) GOOD times...