06 March 2012


Freedom is wonderful, right?
Everyone wants freedom!

Except when it comes to planning for retirement. Then the government should take care of us.
Or when it comes to health care coverage. We're just too stupid to plan for those contingencies.

Or buying our own contraceptives...
That might cramp my lifestyle!

I'm more and more convinced the only way to rebuild this broken Nation is to allow it to completely collapse, then start over.
And for a while, that will be anarchy.


Old NFO said...

I'm buying ammo just in case... sigh

Timothy Frazier said...

Bring it. We're ready.

Send your used wheel weights (lead only, none of that new tungsten stuff) to my address and when the Zombies arise I'll share some of the stuff I'm stocking up on. But you'll need a good 1911...that's all the Dillon Square Deal B and Lee gang mold churns out.

Oh, and stock up on Twinkies...Hostess may not even make it to the beginning of the end.