26 July 2011

Repositioning The Deck Chairs On The Titanic

We live in interesting times.
At the end of his term, this President will have increased our debt load more than all the other Presidents in history, COMBINED.
I think the only way we could possibly have avoided a meltdown is if our leaders had agreed to take drastic action, yesterday. That obviously hasn't happened...
We're still giving millions to folks who study shrimp running on an underwater treadmill.
We're still giving money to folks who funnel it to the Taliban.
And we're still giving guns to folks who are killing our Law Enforcement officers.

"There are icebergs in the waters ahead, Captain."
"Steady as she goes, Mr. Murdoch. But move those chairs over closer to the rail, please."


Old NFO said...

And they just loaned California $5 BILLION to bail their asses out...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Not related to this posting. Sometime back you mentioned coffee at Wally World. I recently bought a can of coffee at one of the Dollar Stores. Excellent coffee. Per the printing on the can, from Vietnam.

cj said...

GB -


You've convinced me.

Or they have.



lindixwebb@aol.com said...

Remember Rain? You were correct way back then. You said she was stuck in reverse and would never change. I didn't believe it. I kept trying to push a fact or two toward her and lost out big time. Sad. She is a nice person but very wrong. The point? President Obama is not a nice person but he is just as wrong.