08 July 2011

Motorcycle Artwork

Now and then you'll see a machine that has been restored so perfectly it takes your breath away.
Driving such a machine on the street, risking damage seems a shame.
To me, this old BMW falls into that category.


Old NFO said...

That is stunning!!! :-)

camerapilot said...

Check out this: chicara.com
We had a couple of his bikes as set dressing on one of the projects I worked on. I'd park one of these babies in the living room.

The Old Man said...

THAT is one magnificent machine. You'd have to be Jay Leno to use that as a daily ride, though....

camerapilot said...

I sat on two of those bikes and the first thing that entered my mind was "which body part of mine is goin to get ripped off first".
These babies start at 1 Mil.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I concur; GORGEOUS!

But, on the other hand, would you pay $6,800 for a perfect 1971 Honda Trail 70 with 77 original miles?

Check out this URL on eBay:


I had a Honda Trail 70 myself and it brings me back to my YOUTH. But I don't quite think I'd shell out close to $7K for a bike that originally tagged for $650!