29 July 2011


Well, the price was right.
Really, REALLY right.
And I've decided I love older boxer BMW's.
Picked it up yesterday, this one's a 1984 R80RT that I'll be wearing out between home and work.
(And I'm still looking for a buyer for a perfectly functional 1987 GoldWing Interstate!)


Rita said...

Pretty sure they're going to start a reality series about people like you, much like Hoarders, only about bikes.

cj said...

GB -

Definitely obsessive...



The Old Man said...

My main question is - How big is your freakin' garage??

God bless, amigo. Just don't start fillin' the basement with Beemers.

Unfortounately Anonymous said...

If I was looking for a bike, I would definitely look into the Goldwing. If only I didn't have to move electronics around in the rain so much. *Sigh.*

In other news, though, I thought you might like this. Nice handling.


Old NFO said...

LOL- Yep, you're hooked... :-)

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I had a 1984 R100RT, silverish-blue, and I LOVED IT and it was GORGEOUS!

But I'm with Old Man: how friggin' big IS your garage? Are you starting to be one of those people from the Hoarding TV shows, only you do motorcycles?



Greybeard said...

Well, I'm trying to remember if I ever reported here that I had sold the R100T BMW. Maybe that's why there's some confusion. I also bought that bike "right", and purchased it because I had never owned a boxer and wanted to compare the vibration level with the Pizza Bike. The beemer wins.
But it made no sense to own two bikes so similar in character. So I sold the 1000cc BMW to a friend of a friend for what I had in it, and started looking for a smaller displacement BMW. I really wanted a 650cc (for the fuel mileage), but they are few and far between. This 800cc bike popped onto the radar at a price I couldn't turn down. Now I'm back to four bikes sitting in the garage next to the old 'Vette, and the older 'Wing has to go.
(Shame too, 'cause I like riding it better than the newer GoldWing. But Sara Jean LOVES going 70 mph on her sofa seat, listening to that wonderful stereo.)

Anyway, I'm done buying bikes for a while. (Unless that 650cc boxer appears outta the blue, then I'm faced with a dilemma!)

the golden horse said...

I think it is just about time for an intervention with you, almost.

Joe said...

shoot mean email, I ma ybe interested -- if the price is right and the wife can be convinced.

hoosierboy62 -at-hotmail--dot com

Rita said...

OK, I was an accountant for years upon years and I still can't 'cipher how many that leaves you with, especially since you answered every question with something that resembles all those idiots in Washington.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Okay, c'mon:

A LIST of what you currently own, in numerical order:

Do it.


Greybeard said...

Okay, now residing in my garage alongside an old (future project) Corvette:

a Moto Guzzi SPIII,

a 1987 GoldWing Interstate,

a 1989 Goldwing,

and the latest addition, a BMW R80RT.

The '87 'Wing is looking for a great home and will be sold at a reasonable price.
C'mon someone... step up and help a lonely bike!