28 March 2011

We Are Charlie Sheen

He's kinda off the radar screen now, temporarily I'm sure.
I'm hopeful we'll hear Charlie Sheen has come to his senses and entered a rehab program somewhere, (and stays until he is truly healed), but I seriously doubt that'll happen. Looking around at the way our world unfolds and applying those lessons to Charlie, what I suspect will happen is tragic...
An "Anna Nicole Smith" trainwreck.

But I was thinking this morning about how his disintegration is comparable to what we're seeing in the slow disintegration of our country. We're intoxicated to the point that our judgment is impaired and, depending on who you talk with, either CAN NOT or WILL NOT admit that we have a serious problem and we are slowly dying.
Charlie lies to himself and says "I'm different than everyone else. I'm completely in control. The rest of you are just stupid and beneath me. Leave me alone."
Isn't this analogous to what we see going on around us?

We're intoxicated in SO many ways...
We don't want to suffer the pain of cutting back on our "free government cheese", so we blithely deny we have a problem. We're now spending money our children's children's children will have to repay. Tomorrow we'll be spending the money our children's (4) will have to suffer to repay.
But we're different.
Don't bother me with your history lessons...
We have Tiger blood in our veins.

Let me whisper in your ear:

History is a bitch. Be prepared.


Red Shoes said...

I see the problem of which you speak to be true with both political parties today. I don't see either necessarily taking the best interests of our country to heart. I do fear We are in trouble...


Old NFO said...

It IS an endemic problem... and we need some rehab!