22 March 2011

Dodging The Question

Years ago...
They wanted to build a nuclear powerplant and the experts were making the talkradio rounds, trying to win friends and influence people. I called.
"How long will the waste from this plant be hazardous to human life?"
Jimmy Carter would have been proud. He totally avoided my question and answered one he imagined in his head.

When someone tries to tell you how wonderfully clean, cheap, and efficient nuke power is, try it yourself. Ask the "waste longevity" question.
The show they'll put on is better than anything Fred and Ginger ever did!

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Rita said...

I heard today the EPA's recommendation if you break one of those wonderful new lightbulbs that is so energy efficient, ergo so much better for the environment.

I'm thinking I was so much safer when I was a kid and one of us would accidentally break a thermometer and Mom would let us play with the drops of mercury because it was so cool. It's incredibly heavy. If you've never tried it, I'd suggest discovering the fun of being a child.

Those were the good old days.