19 December 2010

Time For Another Lefty To Go!

John Kerry.
Disgusting, liberal, elitist, tax-dodging, Viet Nam Veteran bashing scum.
In his January 31, 2005 "Meet The Press" interview with Tim Russert he promised he'd publicly release his miltary records so we could all know his discharge status.
That's six years ago.
Have you seen those records?
No. You haven't.

I'll tell you what I suspect and you tell me why I'm wrong...
John Kerry's military discharge was less than honorable.
There is some question as to whether that discharge was later mitigated by the odious Jimmy Carter.
I want to know.
I truly have doubts.
Like President(?) Barack Obama, is John Kerry eligible for the office he now holds?

Senator... follow up on your promise.
Anyone But Kerry in 2012!


The Old Man said...

Dear God, please let that no-load, dip-dunk, lying sack of progressive horse-bleep run for president again. He has no idea of what the term "swift-boating" entails yet, but he will. Too much info available on the web.
Hey, maybe Julian Assange can reveal the communications regarding Kerry's Purple Hearts and Hopey's birth certificate.... Nah, that would be too much like telling da troof...

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


JFK -- John Friggin' Kerry --

. . . is SO yesterday's news.

He couldn't pull a Radio Flyer up a 1% grade, much less ANY further election.


cary said...


but then, I repeat myself.

cj said...

Agree with the others... but I gotta ask - what did he do to put himself in your cross hairs?


Greybeard said...

Where to start, CJ?
I'm assuming you know that he signed up for Swift Boat duty when it was one of the safest things you could do in Viet Nam, then they changed the mission of those units so that it was one of the most dangerous jobs just as Kerry arrived in VN. I'm also assuming you know he received THREE questionable Purple Hearts in short order, and those awards earned him a trip home after ONLY three months in country.
He then came home and made his famous "Ginjus Khan" speech in front of congress, claiming those of us still in country were raping and rampaging out of control.
I've wiped stinky semi-solid brown material from the soles of my shoes that had more honor and credibility than this "Senator".

cj said...

Yes, I know all of that.

I meant, has he done something recently that brought him to mind?


Timothy Frazier said...

CJ, I was flipping through channels in my hospital room yesterday and saw him yakking at the podium on cspan.

He makes me nauseous to even look at (kinda like Odumba does). Mayhap GB saw him making some recent remarks in front of the senate. I flipped the channel before I puked, so I don't know what he was speechifying. Maybe suggesting we surrender to the Russians or something.

Greybeard said...

Give that man a cigar!
I was watching some program and he was highlighted talking about how taxes should be raised on "the rich"...
Rich, tax avoiding hypocrite S.O.B..
But he's never off my radar screen.

cj said...


See, I've learned to limit my aggravation - when certain faces appear on my TV, I grab the remote and zap them.

Thanks for the explanation, guys.

And I agree with you, GB.


Radio Patriot said...

John Effin' Kerry, the JFKennedy wanna-be senior senator from Massachusetts. The epitome of everything we revile in a politician. The quintessential suck up artist and hypocrite. Not sure whose long mug is uglier -- is or Obama's. I will never understand for the life of me why Bay Staters are loyal to the Irish pols that have ruled the State House, Government Center, and all points from Bawstin and DC. If you're Irish in Boston, you're a member of the Irish political mafia and you're "in like Flynn". Coakley, Kennedy, Kerry, Driscoll, Harrington... well known and established pols in Beantown and environs. If Kerry had to do an honest day's work, he'd figure out a way to get someone else to do it. Glad the Swifties kicked his purple hearted butt. I do believe they'd "Swiftboat" him again if they had to. Patriots all. We owe them a huge debt for keeping this POS out of the White House. Too bad they couldn't have done the same for the POS in there now.