28 December 2010

He Gets It-

My cousin sent me the link to this video.
Several things about the video struck me-
He found a way to become a citizen the CORRECT way.
He decided to become a citizen after being impacted by those providing freedom to us all.
He's got a set of stones to be able to kid those guys the way he does without breaking into tears.
I couldn't do it.
I bet you couldn't either.
Tissue warning!

(Thanks Kathy.)


Brig said...

Geez, that was a tear jerker. Reminds me that we need to do a better job of taking care of our own.
I'm passing it on to the ol flyboy, my dad. At 86 he's still playing a mean game of golf.

CJ said...

"It makes you glad you're privileged to live in this country."

Too many people have forgotten that.

Thanks for sharing, GB.


camerapilot said...

Saw your comment on Desiree's blog.
Most caring thoughts to you both during this time.
My wife lost her parents one after the other,then our daughter had a horrific car accident, then the cat died, the dog died and then my grandmother died. Yep,our lives started to sound like a country western song. My wife and I would sit across from one another and just start laughing. It was funny, kind of like a "cancer funny," but we haven't stopped laughing yet!
Kudos to you our fellow survivors, lock & load, carry on and Happy New Year.
I plan to meet up with you on our bikes.