26 October 2010

Voting Early

We've already begun to pack for our drive to Destin Friday. We'll be in Florida 10 days, so election night we'll probably be in front of the TV in Destin with the sound of waves breaking against the shore right outside our sliding glass door.
We voted yesterday. I called to ask about absentee ballots and the clerk said "Why not just come and vote early and avoid all the trouble of mailing it in?"
Good idea.

I had concerns about these new electric polling booths...
"What's to keep the programmer from screwing with the results from this machine?"
"There are judges AND programmers from both the Democrat and Republican parties that oversee all aspects of the process."
Okay. That makes me feel a little better about voting on a slightly-modified video game.

I REALLY wanted to send a message this year-
"How do I vote straight ticket?"
I've never voted straight ticket in my life...
There have always been a few Democrats out there I thought could do a better job than the Repub. candidate.
Not this year...
It's HAMMERIN' time!

"There's been no way to vote straight ticket for years now."
Surprised me.
So I went down the ballot punching all the R's. When the Democrat candidate was unopposed, I didn't vote. Like I said, it's "message" time.

The whole process took less than five minutes and was quite pleasant.
And the neatest thing?
"Chad" was nowhere to be seen...
He was "hanging" somewhere else!


Anonymous said...

Atta Boy!

I'll be thinking of you in Destin.


cj said...

Let's hope they all hear us, old and clear!


Greybeard said...

Okay, I have the "old" part covered, CJ. Can you handle the clear...
'Cause I'm not too good at that right now!

Timothy Frazier said...

Well, the fact that they have Democrat and Republican judges and programmers overseeing the whole thing make one thing certain: a Democrat or Republican is going to win.

What about Libertarians, or those kooks in the Green party?

This system wasn't designed to be a two-party system, the Democrats and Republicans have usurped it and now everyone believes that's how it has to be.

We're all being led to slaughter...one group will just lead us there a little faster than the other.

I vote for Libertarians wherever they appear on the ballot, and if there's no Libertarian running in a race, my next choice is the Republican. If the only horse in the race is a Democrat, I don't fill that one in.

Until other conservatives and patriots start doing the same we will remain on the path of destruction that big government progressive Republicans and Democrats are dragging us down.

A vote for a Libertarian is not a wasted vote. When Republicans realize they are losing election due to votes for Libertarians they will start mending their ways and practiscing what they preach. Otherwise they'll continue to whisper sweet nothings to us while their hands are fishing in our pockets to steal our last dime.