14 October 2010


I joyfully cried when the first miner emerged.
And then I found myself crying again when the second exited the capsule.
Then the third...
Uplifted but unable to keep my eyes open, I finally gave up watching at 1 A.M., but left the TV on so I could check the "Rescued" count if I woke.

When I woke this morning I once again found myself in tears as the 19th miner was freed.
And so it went...
Miner emerges, hugs and kisses his loved ones...

Thank you Chile. These are troubled times and you showed that no matter how hopeless things look, you're only whipped when you give up.

Now everyone, "Remember in November!"
It's gonna be hard, but like Chile our country can do anything, so long as we don't give up.

1 comment:

Timothy Frazier said...

Know what you mean. I got all misty-eyed more from watching the families' reactions than from the guys escaping that pod.

What a drama and amazing story.

God bless 'em all.