27 October 2010

Illegal Aliens

Everyone has one-
A bellybutton.
And an opinion on how to curtail illegal immigration.
Here's mine:

1. Build the damn fence. (We built the Panama Canal when no one else could. Stop with the stupid excuses!)

2. When an illegal is stopped for ANY offense, deport them. (Q.- How do you eat an elephant? Ans.- One bite at a time.)

3. Broadcast from every possible source that anyone caught here illegally will be identified via fingerprints, Iris scans, whatever, and will NEVER be allowed entry into the U.S. again.

4. Solve the problems in our LEGAL immigration system. It's obviously a BIG part of this problem.

I think if an illegal knew their chances of ever being a citizen was zero if they were caught here illegally, not only would it help stem the border crossings, but many here already might go home to avoid being caught and forever banned.

How 'bout you?
Where am I wrong?
Got any better ideas?


cj said...

It's kinda like your question on FB about hearing loss and benefits...

If they cared, they wouldn't be here illegally... would they?

The fence is becoming about more than illegals in this country, GB. It's about protecting this country from the chaos that is becoming Mexico. I just heard on Fox News that an entire police department in Mexico somewhere quit after their department was attacked by a drug cartel. The building looked like it had seen battle in WWII...


Jasper said...

I agree with you, but how about putting the US citizen who knowingly employs an illegal in jail for a few weeks. We don't want to fill up our jail system with even more people, but there are not any meaningful consequences for giving these people jobs. The technology is in place to check for a legal SSN. Take away the jobs, and you will take away the incentive (at least those looking to work hard at a legal profession) to illegally cross the border.

camerapilot said...

Mexican Govt.- FAILURE, American Govt.-FAILURE. Failure to protect its citizens and way of life.
Solutions? It's too late. Short of taking over Mexico ( and all of her problems), mining the border or building a Berlin type wall, nothing will stop the flow of humanity until living conditions south of the border improve.
The time to get a handle on this problem was decades ago.It's terminal folks. The elephant in the living room that we all ignored has rolled over us. Live with it and handle it the best way you can cause politicians will use these people to get their votes. End of story.

Timothy Frazier said...

You ideas would probably work just fine.

My idea is to forget spending money building walls or fences. Take away the reasons those people are swarming over here:

1. Remove anchor-baby loopholes.

2. Eliminate the welfare system (for citizens and non-citizens alike) along with the federal income tax and all alcohol, tobacco, and firearms taxes.

3. Remove all laws pertaining to drugs and drug use other than DUI/DWI.

4. Remove federal laws forcing doctors and hospitals to treat non citizens who cannot pay for said treatment or have no insurance.

I think you'd see churches and other non-government relief organizations rise up over night and start doing a much better job of caring for the homeless and truly poverty-stricken than the government or U.N. ever has. Folks with a conscience would increase current donations or start donating a portion the money they no longer have to pay in taxes to these organizations.

The drug cartels would go out of business within months as legitimate recreational drug companies took over the market.

The population would get a lot more intelligent as the dopers quickly killed themselves off.

hoosierboy said...

Punish severely any one hiring an illegal. $250,000 for the first offense (1 person, 1 offense). $500,000 for the second illegal, $750,000 for the third...etc. If a construction company has 3 illegals working, the fine will be $1.5 MUSD.

It cannot be that hard to write a database program to see if the same SSN is being used at more than one employer/employee.

As Timothy says, reduce/eliminate the welfare attraction.

No jobs, no welfare -- no reason for illegals to immigrate.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Won't be done.

Republicans enjoy the cheap labor, and the Demorats absolutely want the votes attained in any fashion, legal and, obviously, otherwise.