04 May 2010

On Becoming A Hermit

There are things in this world we cannot understand unless we've "walked a mile in their shoes".
Don't most mental illnesses fall into this category?
Suicide? Depression? Bein' bipolar?
Then there's another I'm understanding more and more-
Bein' a hermit. As I age I can understand why folks separate themselves from others. But the funny thing is, while I find myself needing to be around others less and less, I'm also more understanding of other's idiosyncracies.
But understanding them doesn't mean I want to have to tolerate 'em.

We're here in Destin with Sara Jean's nephew and his lady. Both are very nice people. Both are young. Both are remorseful Obama voters.
I'll give ya a second to let that sink in.

My question to him was, "When he said 'I want to spread the wealth around', why didn't the alarm bells go off in your head?" He just shakes his head, wondering why he didn't pick up on that himself.

So I'm bein' nice. I'm bein' VERY careful about the topics I throw out for discussion.
But take a look at the world around us...
How in the world do you spend 10 days cooped up with someone without asking how in the world they were so...
(Let me be nice)...

But there sure are times when I appreciate bein' alone!


Capt. Schmoe said...

Naive IS a nice word, though maybe not appropriate. Stupid, moronic imbecilic, clueless are but a few words that come to mind when thinking of people who voted for Obama.

Of course, you know and like these people, so you can see them as a whole, rather than just being the direct cause of that asswipe being elected president.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come.

cj said...

Maybe you can view it as a teachable moment? Let them talk, if they want to, and share your experience and knowledge with them. Perhaps they won't make the same foolish mistake again.

Otherwise, gear it down and relax. Find other things to talk about. There has to be something... doesn't there?


peedee said...

I feel your pain. I live and work in a largely dem county in Fl. I deal with this on a daily basis. Talk about frustrating. Talk about anything else. Thats what I do to avoid high blood pressure on a daily basis.

Hope your having fun otherwise!!

camerapilot said...

Fantasized about getting a compound together, much like Edward Weston did.
Leave all behind,inviting only artistic types and let the world do what politicians want it to do.
Oh, and like the cranky old guy who lived on the hill up from us when I was a kid.....
He had a sign-

Bumps Stump said...

Grey Pitch ... Stay cool. It will pass. So will the Obama Crew. Smile and relax.