25 May 2010

Mr. Know-It-All

Two years ago we were entertained by comments to my political posts by a couple bright young people... FlightFire and Rodolfo.
So here we are, a year and a half into Obama-nation and it's time to review:
Rodolfo was looking foward to finishing technical school so he could begin to twist wrenches on helicopters.
FlightFire was working to become a Physician.
We haven't heard much from either for a long time.
I wonder why.

I'd like to know if Rodolfo enjoys his new job busing tables at Pizza Hut.
Or maybe he's actually asking "You want fries with that?"
Or there's always the possibility he was fortunate enough to find a job as a mechanic... at his local Hyundai dealership...
'Cause believe me, the Aviation industry has been "stimulated" to the point we're checking for a pulse.

Now there's the lucky guy.
Papa is a Doctor, so FlightFire has the ability to be REALLY smug.
(He once said I had been wrong on so many occasions, my opinion wasn't worth consideration.)
No worries mate! Income is not really a consideration... He can concentrate on taking care of kids, knowing Pop "Has his back", while the rest of us see more and more articles like this one.

Got time on your hands?
Go back in the "Pitchpull" archives to March of 2008.
Find the political posts there and work your way through them to the election.
Skip the actual posts and just read the comments that follow.

It's damned entertaining, I'll tell ya!
(We are SO screwed!)


Bloviating Zeppelin said...



That Mr Obaka. He sure turned this ENTIRE nation around, dint he?

. . .oh gosh.

Are those CRICKETS I hear chirruping in the fields??

Those two dudes are likely pushing the CHEESEBURGER icon at Mickey D's.

In the meantime, you dickheads, I still have MY $125,000/yr job!

Oh yeah. I only had to work FORTY-TWO YEARS in order to GET here.

And survive EVERY pogrom extant with each new administration!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And this too: I'm still working in my 60s. I'm NOT "retired."


Anonymous said...

You may also notice that McCain isn't dead yet...that's all I heard from the opposition...that he was too old and wouldn't make it through his first term. So far he seems healthy.

The Old Man said...

McCain the Muttonhead may be alive, but that's more than you can say for the economy. Yes, I'm lookin' at ALL the progressives - Hopey, Dubya, Gore, Clinton (both rectums), Dodd, Frank, Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, Kerry, Schumer, Snowe, Specter, Biden - hell, the list is long enough to go for another 6 paragraphs. None of which will suffer when the system all goes tits-up. (Is that profane?)

But we and our children and grandchildren will. Just Say No(vember)....