10 May 2010

Home, May 2010

I no longer bust my butt when driving long distances. Stopping more often for potty breaks (for humans AND puppies) increases time on the road but I've noticed, for us, it also means we arrive significantly more relaxed.
We pulled into our drive at 2 A.M., unloaded only those things we'd need upon awakening, jumped into our bed and said "AHHHHH".
It was sunny and 84 degrees when we left Destin yesterday. It's an overcast 62 degrees and threatening rain as my fingers skim this keyboard.
We unpacked the car this morning and our "stuff" is strewn everywhere. It'll take a little while to get that stuff put into its proper place and get home back to normal.

Vacations are neat.
So is being home.


The Old Man said...

Good to hear y'all made it safely home. Unfortunately, Scarlett is WAY too old (17) to travel with us although she did in the past. So we "rent-a-human" for her and Stewie to stay at the house with them. Sure is a dog's life, innit?

Linnnn said...

Did you take some pretty pictures? You may have seen Destin looking that way, pristine, for the last time for a while. Good to know you and family, both furry and not, got home safe...

cary said...

Glad you made it home safely. Hope the much-needed relaxation will last you for a while!